The Hall and Facilities (Information for Visitors)

How do I get to Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall?
It is a 3-minute walk from Minatomirai Station (Minatomirai Line) and a 12-minute walk from Sakuragicho Station (via the JR Keihin-Tohoku Line, Negishi Line or Yokohama Municipal Subway). See the Access page for details.

Is there parking for cars, bicycles and motorcycles?
There is no parking area for visitors. Please use nearby paid parking areas such as Minato Mirai Public Parking Lot, the Queen’s Square underground parking garage, or MARK IS Minatomirai Parking.
②Bicycles and motorcycles
There is no parking area for visitors. Please use the paid bicycle and motorcycle parking areas at Minatomirai Station, Queen’s Square, MARK IS, etc.

Is there a taxi stand?
The nearest taxi stand is in front of Queen’s Square Tower Building C along Keyaki-dori, facing MARK IS and the Yokohama Museum of Art.

Can I check a bag, coat, etc.?
In the main hall there is a cloakroom (free of charge), except for during some performances. As a rule, the small hall does not have a cloakroom, but visitors can bring their belongings into the hall.

Where can I check my stroller?
Visitors can check strollers at the reception desk on the 1st floor of the main hall and in the foyer on the 5th floor of the small hall.
Please inquire with concert staff when you arrive at the hall.

Is there a smoking area?
Smoking is prohibited inside the building. Outside the building, there is a smoking area at the exit of Queen’s Square exit. In the small hall, there is a smoking area in the roof garden.


Where can I purchase tickets?
Tickets for performances hosted by the hall can be purchased on the ticket center page of the hall’s official website. They are also sold at the hall’s ticket center window. For some events, such as free performances and lectures, there are different application procedures. Please check the pages for each event for details.

I have lost my ticket. Is there anything I can do?
The ticket is your proof of purchase. It cannot be reissued, so please keep it secure. If you have lost it, please contact the performance organizer.

I have purchased a ticket, but I am now unable to attend. Can I obtain a refund?
There are no ticket refunds due to visitors’ schedule changes, etc. However, if a performance is canceled, refunds, etc. may be offered. Please contact the performance organizer.

How can I find out if same-day tickets are available?
Information is posted on the concert website, Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall official website, and various social media. Please contact the organizer for details.

Guidelines during Concerts

Is there a place to eat in the hall?
Please refrain from eating and drinking in the audience seats. Drink Corners are located in the foyers (lobbies) of the main and small hall for visitors to use before performances or during intermissions. For details, see the Services page.

Is it possible to take photos or make audiovisual recordings in the hall?
Concerts with admission fees: Taking photos or making audiovisual recordings in the audience seats after a performance has started is not permitted.
Piano student recitals, etc.: Family members can take photos or make audiovisual recordings if they obtain permission from the organizer.
Please be careful not to disturb other customers when taking commemorative photos outside the hall, such as in the foyer.

I misplaced my personal belongings in the hall. What should I do?
Please contact the hall management team by telephone at 045-682-2020.

Barrier-Free Access

Can I attend a concert with a young child?
Admission for children (especially preschoolers) varies depending on the performance. There are performances and programs that can be enjoyed with preschoolers, such as concerts for children. For details, please check the page for each performance. Also, a Childcare Service for young children is offered. During the performance, children are watched by staff in the hall’s nursery room (advance reservation required). For usage details and fees, see the Services page.

I am a wheelchair user. Can I attend a concert?
The hall has areas where audience members can enjoy concerts while seated in wheelchairs, and also seats that are easy to access with few steps. Please contact the performance organizer for details.
If arriving by car or taxi, it is relatively convenient to enter from next to the front entrance on the Kokusai-Odori side facing Pacifico Yokohama. Please see the Access page for details.

Are wheelchairs available for borrowing?
Wheelchairs are available for borrowing, free of charge. The number of wheelchairs is limited, so those wishing to use one, please contact the hall management team in advance by telephone at 045-682-2020.

Can I bring my guide dog inside?
Yes, you can. There are some guidelines with regard to reaching your seat, so please contact us in advance for smooth admission and guidance.

Can I use a hearing aid system?
Hearing aid systems (headphone type) with in-ear monitors can be used at performances in the main hall. There are restrictions on the number of users (up to 2 people per performance) and areas of usage (1st-floor and 2nd-floor seats in the C block), so if you wish to use one, please contact the  hall management team by telephone at 045-682-2020 as early as possible.